lung tung


Sẽ là dối lòng khi em chẳng ngại âu lo,

Lo em sẽ mất anh trong lúc yêu thương nhất.
Vì tình yêu mong manh,tay em quá yếu mềm..
Người yêu ơi,anh có biết?

Em yêu anh hơn thế,nhiều hơn lời em vẫn nói.
Để bên anh em đánh đổi tất cả bình yên
Đêm buông xuôi vì cô đơn,còn riêng em cứ ngẩn ngơ
Có khi nào ta xa rời…


Dạo này tự nhiên sinh tật cũ, thức khuya cho đã rồi suy nghĩ vẩn vơ ….



Dear Society,

If you think a woman in a tan vinyl bra and underwear, grabbing her crotch and grinding up on a dance partner is raunchy, trashy, and offensive but you don’t think her dance partner is raunchy, trashy, or offensive as he sings a song about “blurred” lines of consent and…

Soon this kind of act won’t be considered as controversial and divisive as it is now. We are not used to seeing young girls twerking, just yet. Twerk is widely known as a part of the black community, something that is practiced on the daily basis. Along with all the constant lip-licking on stage, Miley branded her new fierce and evocative imagery with that black cultural signifier .  It worked.

We are living in a civilization where songs about girls, sex, drugs make big hits. Nothing can go big if no one appreciates it; whistle would probably have been binned in the 90s. 

A while ago when I first listened to ‘Swimming pool’ by Kendrick, my first thought was: nonsense. Same goes to Blurred Lines. Thicke himself said he’s always respected woman so the three decided to do something that is considered taboos, the song was meant to be completely derogatory towards woman.

Now that Miley is being degraded by the audience for her act, no blames on Thicke. Our society is setting a ridiculous double standard on what a man and a woman is allowed to do.

In Asia, we are either taught to conceal our emotions, needs and desires or just adapt to the norm. It is a common belief that woman has very little or no sexual desire, the man keeps absolute control. Women who show their lust are perceived as being slutty, but really, what is wrong? The song explicitly addresses this age-old issue and should really has liberated everyone .

Well, to get back to the performance the song is truly eye-opening. It is only speaking the truth, revealing the, who knows, utmost desire hidden from possibly any girl. Can’t deny Miley’s performance was too explicit and inappropriate for her age, but isn’t her crazy, wild imagery the song’s perfect fit??! 

At the end, a 6 can be a 9 being read up side down, a message can be misinterpreted. The only problem was, a song with subliminal message under explicit lyrics shouldn’t have been lived. There are certainly a lot of young people who would take the message wrong, coupled with Miley’s appearance it couldn’t get worse.

Just some thoughts … I may sound totally nut in some way or to some people but everyone has their take .


Loan Kien.